One of the most annoying things to deal with as a patient and as a pharmacy team is notifying patients if and when there’s a hiccup in filling their prescription. In a perfect world, somebody can drop off their paper prescription and pick up the physical product in a matter of minutes. Unless their insurance rejects the claim, if their insurance is even current. And I hope we have the product in stock, and that the doctor wrote the prescription correctly in the first place. And that the person ahead of them in line didn’t have any of these things happen, causing a crisis that backs up production like a GI after months of Oxycontin.

I digress.

I wish we could all every patient to let them know their prescription is done. We have an automated system that’s supposed to do just that. It doesn’t always work. It also isn’t set up to notify patients if there are any issues with getting the med ready. For this reason, I encourage my patients to give us a call before returning to the pharmacy. It can save everyone time, and it also gives the pharmacy a chance to get their prescription to the head of the line.

There are fancy pharmacies out there with this kind of tech, but sometimes the most advanced pharmacies are also the least staffed. I’d rather have the time and people to take care of my patients, so I’ll stay at my old school pharmacy.

Old Joe Malone returns this week. I’m still working on proportions. Joe and the Kid have arms from a Tim Burton film, but at least Joe’s gut is anatomically accurate.