If you haven’t heard the news yet, CVS recently acquired one of the last major chains where it was still fun to work as a pharmacist. Target pharmacies have been known to be low volume performers, not processing as many scripts a day as many of their competitors. Was that a bad thing? For the bean counters, maybe. For the patients, it was a great part of coming to Target. Patients could actually meet their pharmacist, discuss their medications, and establish a relationship with what should be the most accessible healthcare provider in the community. When you think of CVS, you think of bad Muzak, skeleton crew staffing, and pat downs. Oh yeah, CVS pats down their pharmacy staff before they leave for the night. You know, true professional stuff.

CVS is excellent at counting beans. They have it down to a science. If you breathe too quickly, you process too few prescriptions an hour. If you show empathy to a patient, your fill count drops. If the pharmacist needs to pee, the pharmacy loses money, Comrade.

Say hello to a new way of life for Target pharmacists and Target patients. Say hello to your new normal.