I already knew our flu shots were en route, but the reality didn’t hit home until I was walking into our local big box store and saw the big ads on the concrete people blockers by the front doors. “Get your flu shot today!” Ned Stark warned us Winter was coming… and it’s here. Banners, signs, billboards, forced offers when you call the pharmacy.

I can’t complain too much, though. One big upside of flu shot season is that I get to interrupt my 11 hour shift with the occasional chance to sit down while administering the vaccine. The downside is when these interruptions occur and you’re the only pharmacist on duty, the phones are ringing, you have a patient at the window who’s upset about the timing of their pain med refills, there’s a counsel waiting on the pharmacist, and the gentleman on aisle 3 wants to argue the difference between ibuprofen and Motrin.

I could go on.

But the sitting. Did I mention the sitting? Seriously, it’s the best part of flu shot season. The smiles and interaction with our patients are also pretty great, and can definitely make someone’s day.

But the sitting. So great.

Happy flu shot season!