As a step-father, and as a step-son, I’ve really come to appreciate Father’s Day.  As a kid, I don’t know that I ever really showed my step-dad how much I appreciated what he did for my family.  Father’s Day is one of those holidays that some say was created as a Hallmark card promotion, but I really do like the reflection that comes on such a day.  After this last week, I’ve especially seen how grateful I should be for having parents who cared about me.

I’ve spent the last week interning in a pediatric hematology/oncology unit.  The spectrum of parental love I’ve seen during this time runs from the ever-present, well-informed, and constantly-praising, to the barely-there and down right dangerous.  If you were raised by a mom or dad who has shouldered the load of trying to give you a good childhood while also trying to keep the lights on, then either Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, as appropriate, is a good reminder to thank him or her, despite your differences.

Happy Father’s Day everyone.  Raise a glass.