Any pharmacist that’s ever worked a Saturday alone knows how quickly the whole affair can turn into a doomsday scenario. Phones are ringing, flu shots are lining up (despite your polite explanation that you’re here alone and there is going to be a noticeable delay), the person in front of you says they have insurance (it always works at *** pharmacy, it hasn’t changed literally ever, etc), and there’s always that one person who wants to ask you what country the generic OTC antacid is made in. And do you have that new memory pill? I can’t remember what it’s called.

Saturdays are either a day for calm zen, or they are a circus where you’re the sole entertainment. Get hoppin’.

I worked briefly for a company where every Saturday was terrible. I was tempted to say the pharmacy would be closed for lunch “From 1:30 pm until Monday morning.” At some point, corporate overlords have to realize they’re doing patients a disservice by short-staffing. Even the best person only has an attention span that can go so far while they’re juggling 3 complex projects. Brand-specific psych meds, weird days supply on vaginal creams (apply daily for two weeks, then twice weekly thereafter, and who ran it incorrectly last time? Argh!), and of course the Medicaid billing server is down.

To the pharmacists fighting this fight, I salute you. To the patients, I thank you for your patience. We’re in this together.