I’m a fan of professional fraternities and other groups that specialize in bringing people together through the concept of brotherhood. I think these groups, when they have the right mission and vision, can be beneficial to their members and to their communities. Phi Delta Chi, founded in 1883 at the University of Michigan, is one such organization. I joined PDC in 2011 and have enjoyed getting to know other pharmacists and students around the world through one of the original social networks.

From the PDC preamble to the Constitution of the Fraternity:

Recognizing the necessity of, and the mutual benefits to be derived from an organization devoted to the sciences of pharmacy and chemistry, a careful investigation into, and a free discussion of subjects relative to the same; we do agree to form an association…

The official motto of Phi Delta Chi is “Each needs the help of the other,” a message I wish more people would take to heart. The fraternity hosts the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute for the purpose of advancing the leadership and educational missions of the fraternity. I thought my membership would effectively become inactive upon graduation, but the alumni chapters springing up across the country have happily proven otherwise.

Oh yeah, and like any good fraternity, Phi Delta Chi has a drinking song.

Thru-out the land across the sea no matter where you be
You’ll find us there with no despair a pushin’ pharmacy
Who’s this crew who loves their brew who never will say die?
They’re a hell of a bunch of guys, the Phi Delta Chi’s.
Hail to Phi Dex, Hail to Pharmacy!
Hail to Phi Dex, our fraternity!
Sixty thousand years from now when we are dead and gone,
There’ll be no disease no pharmacies but who says this is wrong?
So we lift our mugs and drink to drugs and sing until we die
And we will never once forget we’re Phi Delta Chi.

How bad ass is that?

In all seriousness, it’s a great group, and I’m happy to be a part of something so positive in the world of pharmacy.

To learn more, check out Phi Delta Chi’s official website.